Delhi ‘beef raid’ on Kerala government canteen causes outrage

The canteen of a Delhi guesthouse belonging to the southern Indian state of Kerala was visited by police after a rightwing Hindu group complained it had beef on its menu.

Staff told police that beef items on their menu were buffalo, not cow, meat.

Police said they only went to Kerala House as a “preventive measure”, not to investigate the complaint or take meat samples.

An angry Kerala government has complained to the police.

Kerala is one of the few Indian states in which cow slaughter is legal.

But most states, including Delhi, ban the slaughter of cows, which is considered a sacred animal by India’s majority Hindu community.

Following Monday evening’s incident, the police picked up the caller from the Hindu Sena group for further questioning.

“We dealt with the matter with necessary alertness and took our position. The objective was to ensure that law and order is not disrupted,” Jatin Narwal, a senior police officer, told the NDTV news site.